Road and Rain draws attention.

When you are on the road, every care is needed. You need to be aware of the signs, speed limits, drive wisely and cautiously. On rainy days, attention should be doubled.

Remember that it is extremely important to keep your vehicle up to date. For this, always consult a professional you trust to check in the necessary items and ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle and a good trip.

The driver, in case of rain, pay attention to these safety measures.


The tires must be in good condition and with the correct calibration.


The lights on ensure good visibility of the vehicle on the road, as well as the driver.


Check its perfect functioning according to the manual.


Check the bells every 5,000 km. Protect the terminals from dust, rain and mud.


Alignment and balancing every 10,000 km contributes to the useful life of the terminals and tires.

Windshield wiper

Check that the reeds are in good condition.

Defrosting system and internal ventilation

Make sure that the vehicle's demisting and cooling system is in order.

Turn on headlights and flashlights

On days with compromised visibility, you need to be seen.

Reduce speed

It is safer to go slow, the wet route generates less grip.

Keep away from the vehicle in front

You need more space to brake.

Attention to puddles.

Watch out for puddles, they pose aquaplaning risks and camouflage holes.

If necessary, wait for the rain to pass

Park the vehicle in a safe place or even on the side, but never stop on the road.
Remember to turn on the warning light while waiting for the rain to subside or stop