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In 2021, the Santa Bárbara d'Oeste City Council honored the memory of Mr. Fiorindo Zucolo, founder of ZL Brasil, as an altruist of the city, having helped many entities.

The tribute was received through the sons of Mr. Fiorindo Zucolo: Mr. Wilson Antônio Zucollo and Mr. Laerte Tadeu Zucollo.

Do you want to know why the ZL Brasil steering bars and terminals guarantee quality, safety and durability?
48 years of experience provide security and reliability.
Watch the video and discover 5 reasons to use ZL Brasil parts and run smoothly.

When you are on the road, every care is needed. You need to be aware of the signs, speed limits, drive wisely and cautiously.
On rainy days, attention should be doubled.

Products with box and pin tempered in high strength steel with greater efficiency and durability.

Follow the dimensions in the table and see the most suitable application for your truck or bus.

To fine-tune the assembly of the steering bar on the terminal, the adjuster cannot be threaded until the end of the stroke inside the tube of the bar, since the clamping (fixing) function of the terminal will not occur.

ZL Brasil's products are certified by Inmetro and the manufacturing processes strictly follow the procedures determined by ISO 9001.
This methodology brings much more quality, reliability and security to ZL Brasil products.
Consumer that runs with ZL Brasil runs quietly and for many more kilometers.

ZL BRASIL thanks everyone who attended our Stand at Automec 2017.
We hope to have reached the expectations of our customers so that our partnership becomes even stronger.
Our team is working so that the requests directed during the fair are carried out, and together we have the best solutions.
Success to all!

WE END THE CAMPAIGN: This Promotion is Gross!
There were months of campaigning and finally the day came for us to know who the winners will be!
The winners were:

In January, ZL Brasil started the campaign “This Promotion is Gross!”.
To participate, each person who purchased ZL Brasil products received a coupon that should be filled in with the buyer and seller details.
This coupon gave you the right to compete for 03 prizes, they were: